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Are you tired of the hassle of verifying GST numbers linked to a PAN card? Do you want to ensure a non-fraudulent onboarding experience for your business or organization? Look no further than Finanvo’s PAN to GST Verification API.

Finanvo’s API allows you to easily find, verify, and fetch the details of all GST numbers linked to a specific PAN number. This is particularly useful when onboarding individuals using a PAN card as proof of identity, or when onboarding merchants/entities using proof of establishment.

Ensuring that a certain PAN is linked to a specific GST number is an important step in mitigating risk and preventing fraud. With Finanvo’s API, you can be confident in your business verification processes.

By simply inputting a PAN number, you can receive multiple data points of all GST numbers linked to that specific PAN number. This makes it easy to verify PAN-GST linkage and streamline your onboarding processes.

Don’t let the hassle of verifying GST numbers slow down your onboarding processes. Trust in Finanvo’s API for accurate and efficient verification. Try it today and experience the difference for yourself.

Input / Output

Provide a PAN number as input, and you’ll receive multiple data points of all GST numbers linked to a specific PAN number that help you mitigate risk.


To verify PAN-GST Linkage

When onboarding individuals use a PAN card as proof of identity. Ensure you are able to verify if a certain GST number is linked to the intended PAN card

Onboarding merchants/entities

When onboarding merchants/entities using proof of establishment. This applies across use cases like bank account opening, lending, insurance journeys, and store onboarding.

What is GSTIN?

Goods and Services Tax Identification Number (GSTIN) is a unique identification number (UIN) that is allotted to every taxpayer (Dealer, seller, or any taxpayer) registered under the GST Regime, and one can easily carry out GST Search by PAN.

The 15-Digit alphanumeric PAN-based code is generated to help the tax authorities maintain the GST payment and due records under a single platform to ease compliance and administration procedures. It comes under public information and can be used by anyone to check the authenticity of a business. The GSTIN replaces the multiple indirect tax numbers levied by the state and the Centre for VAT, Tax, Service Tax, etc., for a single business.

The idea of “One Nation-One Tax-One Tax Identification Number” is implemented in the form of GSTIN.

A business entity can have many GSTINs for its various branches. A separate GSTIN is required when dealing in the same business from a different state or Union territory in India. The companies already registered under the older systems, such as the Value-added Tax (VAT), have been automatically transferred to the GSTIN System and received their GST number. In contrast, those newly registered under the GST receive a new GSTIN after the completion and approval of their registration. The GSTIN Search by Name tool helps to search GST numbers by name as well.

Importance of GST Number or GSTIN

GST Number or GSTIN is necessary as GST has replaced the previous taxation systems. Let us understand its importance as per its requirement mentioned in the Goods and Service Act (GST ACT)

Availing ITC: Input tax credit or ITC is the GST paid on the purchases of goods or the input service in the course of business. Therefore, to use the credit of input GST from GST payable on sales, it is necessary to have GSTIN to use ITC.

Filing of GST Returns: GST Returns must be filed under the GST Act, such as GSTR-1, GSTR-3, GSTR-9, and many others. To file these returns, it is essential to have GSTIN give the proper record of the goods and services supplied and received monthly, quarterly, and annually to the Government, which will further help in the availing of ITC. Before filing the returns, it is essential to verify the GST number by
GST search by name and PAN.

Claiming of Refunds: Under the GST act, a refund can be claimed under various provisions such as export of services, supply to SEZ unit, etc., so, For claiming the refund under such provisions, it is vital to have GSTIN with the proper
GST verification.

General Requirement: Under GST Act, GSTIN is the mandatory registration number. Therefore, it is necessary to obtain GSTIN after taking registration under the GST Act.

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Free & Non-API Method for Individual Checks

Goods & Service Tax Identification Number (GSTIN) is a state-specific unique number based on PAN. GSTIN is a 15 digits registration number consisting of the state code, PAN, entity code, and check digit.

GSTIN of a person can be identified based on PAN by following the below procedure:

Step 1– Visit the GST portal

Step 2– Click on the “Search Taxpayer” tab. 

Step 3– Select the “Search by PAN” option.

Step 4- To use the GST Number Search Tool, enter the PAN number of the dealer and the captcha code reflecting on the screen.

Step 5- Click on “Search”. The website will show the details of the GSTIN registration held against the PAN which has been provided. 

Step 6- Upon clicking any one of the hyperlinked GSTIN, the page redirects to ‘Search by GSTIN’ with the GSTIN auto-filled. 

Step 7- Enter the captcha code and click on the ‘Search’ button. Further details of the business registered with the specific GSTIN gets displayed. 

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