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MCA Download


MCA Download Documents helps downloading Public Documents from The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) in India, who maintains a comprehensive repository of public documents related to companies registered in India. MCA Downlaod documents include company filings, financial statements, annual reports, incorporation documents, resolutions, and other legal records. The MCA provides the facility for users to download these public documents, which offers several benefits to various stakeholders.

MCA Download

1. Access to Authentic Information: By downloading MCA public documents, users gain access to authentic and verified information about companies registered in India. These documents provide insights into a company’s financial health, legal compliance, ownership structure, and operational details.

2. Due Diligence and Research: Researchers, investors, and business professionals can utilize MCA public documents to conduct due diligence on companies. These documents help assess a company’s performance, record of accomplishment, and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. It aids in making informed decisions regarding investments, partnerships, or business dealings.

3. Legal and Regulatory Compliance: MCA public documents are crucial for ensuring legal and regulatory compliance by companies. By downloading these documents, regulatory bodies, such as tax authorities, auditors, and enforcement agencies, can verify and cross-reference information provided by companies. This helps maintain transparency, prevent fraud, and enforce accountability.

4. Transparency and Corporate Governance: Downloading MCA public documents promotes transparency and strengthens corporate governance. Shareholders, stakeholders, and the public can access important company information, including financial statements and annual reports. This transparency facilitates trust-building, encourages responsible business practices, and enhances investor confidence in the Indian corporate sector.

5. Business and Market Analysis: MCA public documents serve as a valuable resource for business and market analysis. Researchers, analysts, and entrepreneurs can study industry trends, identify potential competitors, and gain insights into market dynamics by examining these documents. This analysis assists in strategic planning, market entry decisions, and identifying business opportunities.

6. Legal Proceedings and Dispute Resolution: MCA public documents play a crucial role in legal proceedings and dispute resolution. Lawyers, litigators, and courts rely on these documents as evidence to support or challenge claims in cases related to corporate matters, intellectual property disputes, contractual disputes, and more.

7. Historical Records and Research: The ability to download MCA public documents ensures the preservation of historical records. Researchers, historians, and scholars can study past business practices, economic trends, and legislative changes by accessing these documents. This historical perspective contributes to academic research, policymaking, and understanding the evolution of the Indian corporate landscape.

Overall, downloading MCA public documents in India provides numerous benefits, including access to reliable information, due diligence facilitation, legal compliance, transparency, market analysis, and historical research. These benefits foster a robust and accountable business environment, promoting investor confidence and supporting informed decision-making.

Features with Finanvo

Finanvo is a feature-rich platform that enhances the download experience of MCA public documents in India. Here are the key features offered by Finanvo:

1. Organized Folder Structure: Finanvo ensures that all downloaded documents are stored in separate folders based on their respective categories. This organized folder structure makes it easier for users to locate and manage the downloaded files efficiently.

2. Captcha-Free Downloads: Unlike the MCA website, Finanvo eliminates the need for users to enter Captcha codes for each download. This feature saves time and enhances user convenience by streamlining the download process.

3. Extended Document Access: Finanvo extends the download access for MCA documents from the standard 3-hour timeframe to a generous 7-day period. This longer duration allows users to access and download the required documents at their convenience without time constraints.

4. Customized Document Naming: Finanvo offers the ability to customize and assign proper names to the downloaded documents. This feature allows users to adopt a naming convention that aligns with their organizational requirements, making file management and retrieval more efficient.

5. Quick Download and Re-download: Finanvo optimizes the download speed, ensuring quick retrieval of MCA public documents. Additionally, in case of any accidental loss or deletion of downloaded files, Finanvo enables users to quickly redownload the files without any hassle.

6. Priority Delivery of Latest 5-Year Documents: Recognizing the significance of recent documents, Finanvo prioritizes the delivery of important files from the latest five years. This ensures that users have timely access to the most relevant and up-to-date information for their research, analysis, or legal proceedings. With these features, Finanvo enhances the user experience by simplifying document organization, eliminating Captcha requirements, extending download access, providing customized document naming, facilitating quick downloads and re-downloads, and prioritizing recent documents. These features contribute to a more efficient and user-friendly process of accessing and managing MCA public documents in India.


  1. Download of Documents from MCA. –
    1. Deliverable (Priority Files [latest 5 Years] & All Documents [From Inception])
    1. Delivery of the documents on AWS S3 Bucket or Upload to SFTP (2 Folders – For Priority Files and All Files)
    1. In case of any missing file / corrupt files, Full Doc can be Updated within 7 days at no additional cost
    1. All Files in 8 Folders as available in View public Documents (image attached)
  2. Extraction of Data and PDF attachments.
    1. After Download the file from MCA, Open the AOC-4, AOC-4 XBRL, PAS-3 and extract the Data and attachments from them
  3. Upload to SFTP – AWS – S3
  4. Upload to S3 folder – Priority Files, Full Files and Modified Attachment ZIP File.

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