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How it Works

How Whole system works?

Step - 1 - Discover products that you’d like to sell within our drop ship catalog on your own Market Place.

Step - 2 - After you Fill your online store with hundreds of products in minutes! Start marketing on the same.

Step - 3 - Sell the product, Collect the payment, Verify the Order and process the order with ReDealer

Step - 4 - Order the product at wholesale cost. Any money you receive above that cost is your profit, Net Profit!!

Step - 5 - Redealer will have the product shipped directly to the customer for you, with your Brand Name.

Step - 6 - You have a Happy Customer, Take Reviews, Sell Again and Profit Again & Again !!

Step - 7 - The time you save by avoiding warehousing & shipping issues can be spent focusing on what you do best: serving your customers and selling!

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